Saturday, Jun 1, 2019 at 10:00AM

Weyburn Comprehensive School

You are simple passengers aboard a space ship on its way to the human colony on Mars. On your journey, you are attacked by a band of space pirates! They board your ship and hack the computer. The artificial gravity quits working for a moment and things start floating around. When the gravity returns, you rush to the cargo hold- but it's too late! The pirates have left and now you are stuck in the cargo hold. You only have an hour to open the blast doors or you will be thrown out into space!

This is a fundraiser hosted by WCS SRC.
Groups must be 4-10 people.
Time slots offered first come first serve! Contact us to book your escape!


Weyburn Comprehensive School, 629 King Street, Weyburn, SK

Contact Info

Name Landon Field
Phone (306) 861-2646
Email weyburnsrc@gmail.com

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